Why Leaders Need to Make Corporate Culture the Centre of Corporate Strategy

Traditionally, corporate culture was seen as a supporting player in the world of business. Important, sure – maybe even be a key contributor in hiring and retaining talent – but not part of the engine that was driving organizational performance….

Invest Ottawa Podcast: Invested in Our New Reality featuring Russell Coltess, CEO at sweatcrew

Invested In Our New Reality is a dynamic new podcast where business leaders discuss the impact of the COVID19 pandemic, offer practical advice on leading through crisis and honest observations about navigating the new reality. Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/russell-coltess-im-held-to-standard-not-being-able/id1509549861?i=1000486015955

Techopia Live: Ottawa entrepreneur using ‘sweat’ equity to improve employee retention

Coltess, the CEO and founder of L-Spark alumni company Fitchek, told Techopia Live there’s a disconnect between the money large organizations are putting towards employee wellness and the returns on employee retention and company culture. In cases of companies with…

Join team sweatcrew for the Ottawa Fire Truck Pull on Saturday, October 19th

Can you and your friends pull a 10+ tonne fire truck 100 feet? The Ottawa Fire Truck Pull returns to Lansdowne Park! Join us for the second annual Ottawa Fire Truck Pull to compete with Team DANTE and teams of…